About Us


SKIIN & TONES is more than a apothecary & home goods brand, it's a lifestyle. Our designs are unique, natural, and made for people who are dedicated to taking better care of themselves & building a better lifestyle - whether that's practicing & nurturing skincare, wearing jewelry that brings out their confidence or having pieces in their home that add personality & warmth.

We believe in accessibility! You shouldn't have to feel like you're sacrificing quality for affordability. We want to provide products that work, are quality, and still be attainable.  Everyone deserves to have access to nice things in life without it being a financial burden. To make sure that we are a accessible brand, we keep our prices affordable.

Our jewelry & home goods are handmade ensuring each piece is individual & of the highest quality. Using natural elements like; soy wax, clay, jewels, metals, stones & crystals - we guarantee the longevity of our pieces.

Our body care is clean, powerful & effective. Our body care is formulated & handcrafted with all natural ingredients, we ensure that our products have few ingredients. You know exactly what you're putting on your body.  We also source from small & local shops and plant nurseries to support other small but essential businesses.

 Our pieces & products have a distinct essence that will make you and your space feel empowered and beautiful, inside and out ! 

With Love,
Alexus Fay